time and beauty

Ageless beauty is something a woman possesses from the time of birth, it is a virtue of love and kindness offering consolation, shelter, and above all unconditional love.
So how is it women are looking and acting older and most shockingly in an time where dish washers, beauty spa’s, lunch with the girls, frozen meals, pizza delivery, social events are more prevalent than in any other timeline of history?

Well personally I believe we have lost our way, we have now become in titled and delusional about how some women have it all while others struggle just to have extra money to by face cream, yet those are the woman whose age is less obvious.

When we look in the mirror everyone sees something different. Some see a reflection of an aging image that does not match the agelessness that is felt by coming from a place of love, and others see so much imperfection they run to get a facial or schedule Botox.
Vanity prevents us from embracing our wisdom that only comes with age and experience. But woman of today are lost in a world where designer clothes even if they are purchased at T.J. Max are going to give them the ageless appearance of beauty.

Who are we trying to impress and ultimately fool, or trick through a persona that really is not who we are.
Beauty, what does it actually mean and who is judging the degree in which we are recognized?
True beauty as we have often heard it said is from the inside out, tell that to a teenager, or a newly divorced or widowed woman who is not asked out on a date. This creates a false sense of insecurity because half the men out there are not worth dating anyway.

The insecurities and perhaps history of who am’I anyway begin to pop up, and we begin to behave in a way that makes us more hip and so called attractive. Yet the true beauty of who we are begins to be buried underneath a pile of falseness, till we do not even know who we are anymore.

To understand this is happening is not easy based on our world today. We are constantly brainwashed with images of how we could and should look and through the process forget how to behave in a way we were naturally born to.

Woman were revered as Goddesses, their strength was their beauty, their ability to always be there to support and nurture even the strongest of warriors before battle, yet we can’t even keep it together long enough to strengthen ourselves so we can be there for others.

The lack of respect for the family matriarch has gone too far and the inability for the modern world to embrace, respect, and adorn the female is out of control, so no wonder we question our true identity.

My concern is for the younger female generation who will be lead to think no matter how homely you may look a false facade can be created by the makeup, clothing, and friends you choose. Meanwhile a very special attribute of who they truly are is just waiting for them to embrace and recognize as a unique beauty that is their’s for the taking.

If we could look at each other and see past the image before our eyes and use the other senses that are always put on the back burner, because the act of seeing is not always believing. It may harbor a real beauty or a real beast.

So once again the HEART of the matter is the true sensor that can be our indicator for true happiness in a relationship. Exposing someone who recognizes the real beauty of who you are, and not just candy on his arm for others to envy.

The love of my life was someone completely different then I had imagined him to be, yet the senses came alive just being in his presence! So give way to the possibilities of the real beauty that lies underneath all the skin and bones, after all when we leave this Earth the only way we will recognize each other is by the beauty that our light illuminates.

Women be kind to one another we are sisters at arms against a modern world that has lost it”s way, beginning with the loss of the Goddess that lives in each of us.
Perhaps if we begin to act like undeniable Goddesses, men will once again behave and feel like true Gods, for we need them whether we like it or not!

Be brave be who you truly are, embrace the beauty that is you even of you are the only one for now that sees it.

Lots of Love and Laughter



3 thoughts on “TIME AND BEAUTY

    • Ginny, You are why I continue to write. The experience of knowing you gives me hope for the future. You are kind and all forgiving and that’s not easy in the world today. Thank you for being you and not allowing the world to force you to behave any differently.


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