The beauty of a landscape can sometimes be hidden to the naked eye, but the true beauty lies in it’s layering. Going deep beyond the physical form that drew you to a place. The understanding that just like humans what’s hidden from most is truly worth adventuring.

I took a walk as usual yesterday, and it started out like most walks, admiring the immediate view assuring myself I’m here for all the right reasons, and then something wonderful happened, I took a path less traveled and found myself in a haven of unexpected beauty.
I was not alone for there were footprints of deer, horses, dogs, and shoes, The sounds and smells were also alive and the left over heather displaying the last of the purple hues allowed me to realize what I missed and look forward to seeing them this spring in full bloom.

The hidden landscape I found myself in was astonishing, evergreens with the display of pine cones, growing in the sand, the last of the flowers as the wind reminded them winter was coming. The dunes looking as if they belonged in the Sahara Desert, but they were shielding the life there from the wind not the sun.

And the rainbow that suddenly appeared to remind me this is a magical place, and if I quieted myself long enough I could hear whispers in the trees and the bushes, and I could imagine the birds that were sheltering themselves preparing for the winter.

I picked up a rock that happened to be in my path, for to single out a rock amongst thousands in itself is astonishing, but to my amazement it looked as if it was carved and was carrying a message or a scene of some type? I’am looking at it now as I’am writing you and still find myself totally amazed and wonder what if anything it means.

Life and all it’s unsolved mysteries is what keeps us guessing as to what it is all about anyway. But the one certainty I do know is that we are in a place in time for reasons we may not quite understand, as of yet!! But to embrace the “Not Knowing” and trust it as you would your dearest friend, then life and it’s purpose for you will guide you home.

So go deep in all aspects of life a walk may not just be a walk but a pathway to greater understanding that we are all in this together and we are never alone!

Every place has it’s own magic, the fun is finding it and making it your place to go when the human world seems too difficult. The landscape no matter how big or small holds the answer that the most important thing is survival and to survive our world today we must allow ourselves the gift that the beauty of place can give.

In our present world a gift is neatly wrapped and presented on a special occasion, or for a specific reason. The gift I speak of is all around just waiting for you to discover what’s inside.

Take a walk, go deep within the layers of the landscape, for even under all the parking lots and skyscrapers there will still be a piece of Earth waiting for you to admire and be admired.

Lot of Love and Encouragement!


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