Are you a ship wreck

Many years ago I walked around completely out of my body, disconnected from my heart, mind, and spirit. Unable to understand what was happening all around me. My reality seemed too bleak and I felt more and more desperate and alone in my human condition.
Then something totally unexpected happened, I realized I was my own worst enemy the voice in my head stopped reciting mantras that hypnotized me into believing I was wrong and everyone else was right.

So how could this happen? Well, I was lucky enough to find another human being that embraced me just as I was and saw the human potential disguised as a wounded bird, waiting for acceptance from the others in the flock even though I could not behave the way they did.

I felt as if my wings had been given back to me and I could soar like an eagle on my own instead of with those in my born into flock.
Being different doesn’t mean to isolate yourself or to be shameful that you can not and will not participate in a certain style of living, or doing things.

Over the years I tried to continue expressing the love I had for those in my life who viewed me as weird, or just not normal. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do to push them far enough away so that my energy field could stay clear and supportive.

So the question is “How do I recognize a kindred spirit when I see one?” and “How do I push the people in my life that I should naturally embrace out of my energy field to allow for new possibilities”?

First off we must come out of the daze we are in, this allows for the instinctive ability you are born with to operate properly. The hearts channel then begins to open up as the coast becomes clearer for you to see things as they truly are. Then the natural “Law of Attraction” can begin it’s work, to work through the crowd and pair up a vibration that is supportive of the essence that is you.

The awareness that you are significant all by yourself can be accomplished by rejecting “the ego” (mind made thoughts of things) and work with the acceptance of “what is” (heart felt, which has it’s own intelligence) then allows for the rose colored glasses to come off and see things in their true light.

This form of “BOUNDARY SETTING” is not to keep people out of your life, but is a practice to prevent them from getting in.
If this sounds confusing look at it this way, Our parents, siblings, friends, and also children have a way of pushing our buttons that can put us right back to base one of our boundary setting! The key is to really understand where they are coming from, the past is their friend and manipulator, the inability to move “past the past” keeps them stuck in a view of who you are that no longer exists in the real and present world.

Once you accept this you no longer need to prove who you are to them because the truth of who you are lives inside you. The need for their acceptance and approval becomes not so important anymore, for you hold the truth of what is.

Remember first AWARENESS, then ACCEPTANCE, then it’s time to enjoy the PEACE as your energy flows with more ease allowing for LOVE to show you the way to FORGIVENESS of those who have and continue to hurt you through their lack of accepting the unique beauty that is you.

You are loved and accepted within the words of this message!!


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