How do we measure the value of our money. Is it in actual dollar amounts, or is it the freedom to express ourselves however we choose, is it to be sure those in our lives have what they need so that the balance of the abundance serves its true purpose.

The embalance of the world is at the tipping point the haves and the have knots are to such an extreme it’s just a matter of time before the event that will shock the world will take place.

We live currently in a society where the idea of giving maintains a ball of string that attaches to the giving guaranteeing it’s return and is the primary reason for the giving, it has a self need attached to it. That’s where the phase originated “Beware of Greeks Baring Gifts” came from.

For Many years I have had a framed picture of a lovely lady and had no idea of her origins, but I soon learned it was “The Goddess Fortuna “. Recently I have been finding myself in limitation and felt the need to reach out for help. The response was not what I had hoped but the realization that I maybe looking in the wrong places occurred to me when I researched more about this Goddess and figure head who had been under my nose for quite sometime.

The Goddess Fortuna survives today in many countries. The worship and adoration was not just for the fortune but the LUCK and CHANCE happenings that are equally as valuable.
We equate the value of money because we must pay for the roof over our heads and the food on our tables, but all the rest that accompanies wealth has nothing to do with the size of our bank accounts or in our cookie jars.

When you are LUCKY enough to have the acquaintance of someone who truly makes a difference in your life, the CHANCE for you to see things in a whole new perspective, someone who allows you to be you and sees that you without any pretense than Lady Luck, the Maiden Copia (cornucopia, both associated with The Goddess Fortuna) then the gift of CHANCE has entered your world.

That’s the measure of wealth and abundance, and the recognition is in the act of returning the LUCK that you have acquired to someone in need of a CHANCE to keep going and persevere even in times that is thought The Goddess Fortuna has forgotten them.

Lots of Love and Appreciation!


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