Growing up most of us were put to sleep by an adult reading a Fairy Tale. This was an event for both the listener and the reader. So how come the adults of today seem to dismiss and shun the importance of believing in the fairy world?

This is a question I ask do to the growing unhappiness among the older generation.
Is this a result in their visions of life not coming true, or has their ability to see beyond the confines of form gotten to them?

The rat race of modern life has taken the fun out of just being alive and made the need for speed and efficiency to rule the day. I wonder how many children are still listening to stories before bedtime that allow for their imaginations to soar with pleasantries? Where visions of beautiful beings taking them on an adventure away from the grind of their full schedules once they wake in the morning.

In the modern world we separate myths and legends from truth and reality, or do we?
Since the findings of places like Troy and Atlantis, stories of imagination or so we thought have now been proven as truly existing, what else may also be co-existing in our world?

The adults of today seem to limit a child”s imagination and support their genius so to stand out and be recognized as their off shoot. This is not to say that the children of today are anything less than very advanced but does that allow for the child to also live in a world where love and beauty can be shown and expressed by being different in form.

We live in a world where reality means conforming to what’s “normal” labeling anything outside of it’s perimeters to be odd, weird, or totally bonkers.
This seems ironic because ever since a child can remember, stories of imaginary worlds with imaginary beings have been told to them. Now it’s no longer fashionable, or sensible to think that nature can be filled with anything else but what the educational books teach us.
Fairies are not a topic once you enter school age, the point where reality hits.

The reality I speak of is that children are no longer aloud to imagine a world where anything but routine exists, so the first to go is the Fairy Folk and all their heartfelt joy. Their imagination then turns to a unique style of fashion, in clothing and hairstyling, computer games and Facebook, which allows for some sense of creativity.

There are those of us today who still believe in fairy tales that embrace the OTHERWORLD with an imaginary or real sense of its existence. Some very well respected people are now beginning to write of their experiences with the world beyond the veil and many of us are listening.

As our world becomes more and more bleak in its survival, and the reality that humans do not respect each other in a way that we all can live in harmony, for me as an adult the WORLD OF THE FAIRIES looks very inviting.

The painting above seems as if the Fairies are debating over us just as we do over them, they have been called together perhaps over the condition of our world which ultimately effects their world as well. The solution for the present human condition maybe something we can learn from them.

It’s ok to image, great possibilities exist there.

Lots of Love


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