This beautiful painting by Leonardo shows how the miracle of life fascinates everyone.
The mere fact that reproduction is cultivated within the womb of a female granting the passage way to life on Earth is truly a reason for the ultimate respect that women should receive. Even for those women who choose or are not able to have children.

The continued abuse and humiliation so many women endure not just physically but mentally and emotionally by their so called loved ones is shameful at best.
Abuse of women is not singled out to any particular location on the Earth and can live in the most unexpected of places.

As women we must understand the real reason for this behavior, it comes from fear. The fear of the power we yield even if we are unaware of it. The abuse takes place in all walks of life and creeps in unnoticed at first.

The signs of possible abuse developing can easily be overshadowed by the daily grind of responsibility and putting our needs last. So often I stress the need for personal love and development that can help safe guard those who are easy targets.

Abuse can be subtle at first or immediately full on. It’s much easier to deal with full on for that is obvious. But the abuse I speak of is a more silent approach, the kind you never see coming till it is too late, and you find yourself a victim, and the shock and fear prolong your inability to do anything about it.

The evil that dictates the abuse is very cunning and can fool even the most brilliant of women. The disbelief that you could have allowed such a situation to develop is enough to keep you stuck and in a position of shame and embarrassment.

The signs of intelligent abuse beginning are first emotional, you are made to feel undeniable love and safety, then once that is established the second form is mental, your head is played with in the form of inadequacy and the physical love becomes one sided. The third of corse is the most humiliating and difficult to explain to not only yourself but family and friends, so you maintain a stand of silence for it’s all too unbelievable to comprehend it is really happening to you. The guilt sets in and you actually begin to believe it is your fault. Family and friends don’t know what to do so they stand by and do nothing.

This all sounds dreadful but the up side is you can say NO MORE and understand the most essential life tool available to you is SELF LOVE.
To love yourself enough to know nothing is worth being made to feel not worthy!!
Sometimes in certain circumstances defying all the rules in your life is what it takes. The one truth in all this is if it’s done once most likely it will occur again.

We must understand this disrespect towards women is centuries old, and has systematically found its way to the current times. The Goddess still exists and lives inside of you just waiting for you to embrace your true power, which is feared by lesser men.
So the key to unlocking the cause and basis for the abuse is to know who you are giving yourself to. Don’t be sucked into empty words, broken promises and beautiful make up gifts.
Go with your gut instinct it will never disappoint you because it is you and knows what you innately need.

Sometimes women can be the abusers especially while provoking a relationship through disrespect. Some women are resentful that so much responsibility is placed on them and they lash out at those most important to them.

So be mindful of how you are being treated and how you treat others in your life. The best guide is to give what you wish to receive, act in a way that allows for love and honor to dwell in all your sacred spaces.

Remember you are not alone, reach out where love and guidance is available, where all women are equal in their suffering.
See beyond the pain and trust that what you are experiencing will pass and you will find your way back home.

Love yourself enough so that when the love of another does not serve you accept it for what it is and move on.

Lots of Love

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