We have often heard it said to “Embrace the child that is you”. For many years I did not quite understand what that meant until now.
While going through a catch and release session with myself I began to recognize a pattern, a pattern of acceptance even when others were treating me unkindly.

Over the years I looked at this behavior of tolerance as a weakness, but now it serves me well.
Early on the relationship between my mother and I proved difficult, so as a young child I would go to the woods behind my home for nurturing. This set a pattern in motion that to this day I find comforting. Nature is our true mother and what happens in her house is unconditional love.

Not everyone can fully understand what the lack of nurturing from your mother can do. It creates a lifetime of unnecessary suffering as we think we are to blame. As a result we make decisions based on recognition rather than what’s best for us. Choosing the longer way home by poor life choices is the consequence of not honoring yourself.

So where does this inability to really grasp the essence of who you are originate? Well the answer is not that simple nor is it the same for everyone. The courage to go deep beyond the comfort or safety net of the walls you have built around you is a start.

The next biggest step is to trust in yourself. This self trust is essential before you can instinctively know who else you can trust.
The word trust is associated with relationships and in order for any relationship to be firm and supportive it must be based on trust. The foundation of the level of trust you can or will place in another depends on the trust you create with yourself first.

Many misinterpret what I’am saying to mean in order to trust ones self your ego needs to be called in for help. But quite the contrary this is where most problems arise, through the hunger of the ego that feeds off of those who are loving and kind, it creates even a greater problem than it might solve. The ego thinks with its negative power while the heart knows only love, or if allowed the fear the ego brings.

It is at the point where the ego takes over that people begin to behave cruelly. A lack of passion and understanding that we are all uniquely beautiful and relevant. If you feel less significant in someones company remove yourself and if you can not do this physically than do it mentally. The power of our thoughts can and will be your salvation.

As you look at the painting above can you remember a time when innocence ruled the day? and if not then EMBRACE THE CHILD that lives in the core of your being and love yourself enough to heal the wounds of past events that may have led you to a point of not recognizing yourself anymore.

With Love and Support


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