Have you ever been somewhere and it’s as if the landscape talks to you? The connection between you and the natural surroundings seem to mesh as one, yet the understanding of what that is goes unrealized as we dismiss it as just admiring the view.

Our connectedness to the land is as innately natural to us as all the other living creatures that occupy it’s space. Yet for so many the need to connect to it on a regular basis is not part of the human routine.

How can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been. To most the idea of including as part of our studies the concept that we are all creatures of the Earth and the only component that separates us from other animals is our emotions is of little consequence, or is it.

Animals behave instinctually and they rely on that for survival, we have the capability of going with our innate instinct but most of the time ignore it because the facts and figures supporting it are not there. It can’t be explained, nor researched for the pro’s and con’s surrounding it’s claims.

Our ancient ancestors moved around with the animals, going where the food was and safety from the outside world existed. Today we go against the grain in every way. We make permanent housing soaking up all the natural resources as if they could refill themselves, we ignore the needs of others all around us as if we were in someway superior when in fact it was just a twist of fate you are free from the suffering others experience.

As modern humans we work and play as if our lives depended on it, and we forget how to truly live and be aware of what’s happening in the here and now and not in some conceptual future.
Living in harmony with nature is possible for everyone even if you are living on the 10th floor of an apartment building, and how is this possible? because the nature of the animal lives in your heart and that is the core of your ability to innately trust that your behavior and actions for the whole of the world lives.

The ancients believed the nature of the animal that lives in your heart controls your behavior and that we are all animals living and occupying the same space and can live in harmony, but first we must feel the connectedness in order to allow for the acceptance that we are all one.

No matter where you live whether it’s out of necessity or choice, nature lives there too. So the next time your out and about see, hear, and feel what nature is showing you and ask yourself how can I connect with this landscape and can I help make it better even if it’s just by recognizing it’s presence, for it does exist even beneath all the parking lots and shopping malls.

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