Have you experienced something so painful that sharing it with someone would be too shameful or embarrassing that you keep it locked inside where you feel it safest?
Much the same like caging a wild animal, we take comfort in knowing the bars will keep it at bay.
But what happens if for some reason the bars no longer held the beast and the hiding from its wrath became the most important thing in your life?

So many of us walk around each day carrying the fear that our closely guarded secret will get out and the consequences are just too much to bare, or is it?

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and somehow we believe we deserve what has happened.
I often write that there are no accidents in life and that everything happens for a reason, if we are brave enough to look it in the eye and recognize it.

This is truly the only way to get beyond a past event that only has the power you give it and that is by your thoughts about it.
Thoughts are very powerful and the ability to either keep it stored in the brains filing system made available whenever we choose, or we can bring it forward by way of a catch and release exercise where you face your fears and accept the truth of it and then release it.

This sounds too easy but if you repeat this as many times as needed the outcome will be liberating. The results shall set you free to be who you truly are the essence of your true nature that has been held captive in a cage of unnecessary guilt and shame.

We are in the hear and now not because we are all knowing but because through our individual experiences we can live and learn and then help others because we have truly been there, in the depths of despair that the vibration of fear creates.

Look around you find the beauty that exists, embrace it and know it’s a reflection of you.
Nature can nurture, go for a walk, stop and reflect the beauty in a flower or a piece of fruit there you will find no judgement and you can experience the rejuvenation that takes place as one flower gives way for another. The language within nature is all about survival in a quiet way that can be heard by the result of innate behavior.

Leave the past behind, allow the message in it to make you wiser and stronger, embrace the unique beauty that is you. Allow the Universe to take care of your pain and take comfort in knowing no one gets away with acts of unkindness.


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