What does it mean to bare our souls so that others may see the truth of who we really are?
It is so contradictory of the phrase most of us grew up with “Never let your guard down” and for most of us today it’s very necessary to “Keep our shield up”.

So how do we begin to really know the truth of a person and in fact where they are truly coming from?
With so much misrepresentation of a person through esthetics and genetics how do we begin to know the true identity of a person without getting false impressions based on the clothes they wear, the way they speak, the means of transportation they use ( for many the stigma of not owning a car means their “poor”) or the food choices they make, etc.

Throughout my research this question for me has come up time and time again, that is because some people have shown me aspects of themselves I did not detect at first. Some very positive and many I’m sorry to say had proven not so positive.

So what was the deciding factor that revealed itself in time? It was something which I had actually felt immediately upon the initial connection But did not understand.
This is where THE HEART STRING THEORY connection took hold. That initial intuitive sense our “Intelligent Heart” gives us that we so often ignore as no more than a gut feeling without actual events, facts or figures occurring to make it so.

A persons vibrational field can be immediately felt whether in a formal introduction or from across the room. Our heart picks up on this vibration and sends us a signal and we take it from there.

This process is very complex and the scientific as well as the intuitive details are quite
extensive, but for now the awareness that those gut feelings we chose to ignore time after time with outcomes that could have been avoided or engaged with have determined our life’s path. For some the road has been easier than others but the road less chosen may have been overlooked once the thinking mind kicked in.

I had a very dear companion once who shared with me “When you can look in the mirror naked with nothing between you and the truth of who you are, you have come home.”
Identifying with your essence is essential for us to be honest with others, allowing for a connection based on truth and love, not falseness and fear.
The heart only knows one of two reactions that of LOVE or FEAR.

Which foundation are you built from? The LOVE for all beings or the FEAR of being rejected because you dare to be human?

I have used the Goddess Epona as an example of baring our souls as she represented so much more than just the Horse, she understood and was able to take away personal pain and suffering allowing for total exposure of the self to be embraced, recognized and accepted with all its beauty and uniqueness.

So be brave like Epona bare your soul see its reflection in the mirror, recognize the you in there and share it with the rest of the world, for it is necessary as time waits for no one and all we can bring with us on “The Great Journey” is the essence of who we are.


  1. you have become and beyond what is so true and those that hear you flurish and those that choose to stay will continue on. Great Thoughts>

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