back to the future

We all talk about the change we want to see and how if we don’t wake up from our delusional day dreaming of a better world we will soon find ourselves in a world we do not recognize or want to live in.

The fear we feel of the future which is fast approaching is that we are not equipped mentally, physically and most of all emotionally for what’s coming. The comfort we experience everyday and take for granted is soon reaching the bottom of the barrel

It’s very exciting and motivating to have live chats, web chats, and even group meeting chats about what needs to happen in order for change to manifest itself. Well the news flash is that the change will happen with or without your consent and timing for so called readiness for it.

So I ask you is your need for change a personal one or a global one? The groups in which you find yourself a part of do they promote real change or are they still pussy footing around the personality gaps that prevent and block the real purpose for their existence.

Does the money exchange create the motivating factor that prevents anything from getting started never mind accomplished. The elders too have lost their way in the inability to hear the younger generations concept of how they see their world. They do not speak of money in a way to promote personal wealth and gain but more an awareness that exchange is the key that unlocks the door of eliteness, and the skill set in and by itself is what’s necessary for the coming age.

Back to the future means just that we must look at how people survived before the days of the boob tube which in and of itself is for many a means of therapy ignoring the real world and temporarily living life through someone else’s concept and imagination.

Now there’s nothing wrong with imagination but it’s time to create a real world condition based on imaginary concepts such as the beautiful painting above displays, harmony with each other and most of all nature.

As Gandi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and this begins with one person and household environment at a time.

We take comfort in the concept that its just too big for me to make a change but change only happens when we embrace what is instead of trying to build false stories around what we think is truth.

The real truth of it all is that change is not going to happen, it is happening and our thoughts about it is how we will survive while those that continue to dance around the need for action now will not do so well.

Ask yourself, do I need three cars, can I ride a bike, take a bus, recycle clothes and household goods, clean out the attic and basement, so others may have what I do not use?
Act in a way that you do understand the imbalance of everything and that this is what will ultimately cause the tipping point to happen faster, or be slowed down by our awareness for real change which starts with you!

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