This beautiful interpretation of the Annunciation by Beato for me is like a mirror image of ones self, a reflection and an exchange of love and likeness in each other. A messenger from the Divine instructing a special someone as to a task they will perform for all of mankind.
Although this sacred visit is intended for the Virgin Mary I believe we could all take from it a humility to serve that was her immediate reaction. As she uttered the Latin words ‘Ecce Ancilla Domini” I will serve the Lord, we can use this example to apply it to the need of today “To Serve Each Other”

The current world in which we live in very rarely performs any acts of kindness or selflessness unless it is rewarded with either money, favors, or recognition. The act of giving is in itself an art form whose reward should be just like looking at a masterpiece, extremely pleasurable in it’s outcome.
Taking pride in watching something unfold, that is the return on your money. For what value would your money have if the world of things were made less accessible.

The real investment of the future is in our fellow human beings especially those who are doing good in the world by educating those less fortunate, and without their ability to continue to share we just might miss them and suddenly realize just how much they were needed.

Our visit in this world is very brief, and for some the desire to help others is their purpose. But its not enough to just talk about it or to daydream and imagine the way it could and should be.

Is your world of form working for you? Is the money you spend on vacations, additions to your homes, Jewelry to adorn yourself with, the cars to transport from one destination to another never really arriving, all at the expense of the planet we live on satisfying your needs?

Let me ask you this, If everything you knew were to suddenly change, how would you deal with it? Are you surrounded by people who are survivors, not futuristic visionaries but those who understand the need to get back to the land, to pause from the dilution that the supermarkets will keep providing our basic needs, and that community gardens are something that can be done next season.

As humans we need each other to survive, and everyone offers a specific skill set, WHAT’S
YOURS? The future waits for no one and its coming fast so when the angel visits you and says that the Divine needs your help what will you offer in the way of service and it will not include cell phones or Facebook.

Life is not something to be experience on television or in a fictional book on kindle. This is a time for enhancing YOUR REAL STORY and that involves creating a new way of looking at life, with your eyes wide open for that is where the truth of things lie in all the nature that surrounds us where true beauty is, just waiting for you to return home.

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