duncan love is like fairie land

What does your love say about you ?

Does your love bring you to a higher place where earths happiness in all of her creatures resides, and the love that you feel becomes an expression of being that can be felt by all that you encounter.

Or has the collective unhappiness and discontentment for life infected you with its negative and untrusting attitude towards others?

Is your day filled with gratitude and the joy of doing? or has your routine gotten the best of you and the result is existing just to get through the week and let loose on the weekend?

Do you live in a world where saying hello to strangers means your a bit daffy? or that by saying hello to others you are extending the possibility that they are recognized, and a spirit of aliveness that exists within you has more than enough to be shared with others.

Kindness in a smile, a look that says I see you, yes we are the same in so many ways allows for barriers to be pierced and the human spirit to emerge to greet the beauty of the day and the beauty of being alive, to experience the joy that waits to unfold as you recognize a kindred spirit, as we are all tourists of life traveling getting closer and closer to our ultimate destinations.

The road for some is more difficult and something as simple as a smile can help guide them along, it’s as if to say “keep up the good work and carry on, eternal love is just around the corner, you are almost home”

Home is where the heart is, a common enough expression yet the heart resides inside of you so in truth home is where you are, it does not have four walls to protect you from the world, just the innate wisdom to help guide you along the way.

Be mindful of who you choose to love and be sure the excitement and the aliveness can be experienced as if living in the world of fairies with lightness of heart, and the beauty and the depth of your soul can be experienced through the love that exists between the two hearts beating as one.

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