rabbit hole

How deep are you willing to go to enable yourself to emerge feeling less weighed down caused by unnecessary suffering?

Just as no two people look identically the same so too no two people suffer the same. Suffering is as personal and individual as our fingerprint. Yet everyone is willing and ready to give advise and opinions they know nothing about. As a form of temporary relief we listen and listen till the situation becomes something else and the solution waiting patiently for us to grasp is further from us than ever.

Ask yourself what makes me think someone else knows what’s best for me and how is it that I need the input in the first place?

As the world becomes more dense in thought and the landscape becomes dimmer so too we become more negative and selfish for our own survival. Environmentally, socially, emotionally,everything is changing and we are not use to the inconvenience of having to change in order to survive.

What if everything as you know it were to no longer exist? what would you have for survival? If it’s not the peace within yourself you are in big trouble. So the next time you take an unnecessary shopping day or a long expensive weekend to get away from the daily grind, or have an expensive meal while others are starving, it’s time to evaluate your truth as a human being.

For what is coming there is no need for a beautiful home, fancy cars and clothes, restaurant meals that could feed a family never mind one person, or a home that could shelter a village

If you have passed on an opportunity to help someone in need than the rabbit hole waits for you, weather you jump down or are pushed the need for you to examine who you really are as a human being needs to experience the dark so the light of who you are can start to slowly emerge into a being of light and love truly not just with words but in action.

So who have you helped today and could you do more or are you controlling the giving? You never know when you will be on the receiving end so act in a way you would like to experience allowing for hope and peace in the act of giving!!

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