John Duncan 1866-1945 - Scottish Symbolist painter - Tutt'Art@

In this painting as in most of John Duncan’s work woman are portrayed as a key figure expressing the importance of their roll and the utter respect shown to their beauty, mystique and significance.

Duncan understood the need to pay homage and give credit to the fact that when the women of the world are recognized as key players on the stage of life all is well and their happiness is very necessary for everyone.

In our modern world most women are not happy, and it’s usually do to an inability for the people in their immediate world to honor and respect the subtle powers that are innate to their existence. But are we as woman allowing for the power in which we were given to be
utilized and offered for the greater good?

The general consensus is in order to get others to see things your way it’s necessary to be demanding, confrontagious, unapproachable, and righteous. All this creates an atmosphere of fear and hesitation to approach with an idea or a question that needs an unbiased answer.

Young women today are suffering from a lack of options when it comes to the resources needed to help them conduct their lives in such a way that is meaningful to them and the people in their circles.

I learned very late in life that as a woman in the 21at century we can learn more by the women of long ago, the real goddesses who knew that the less said the better, allowing for things to unfold as they will with or without our need to know the outcome.

The only sure thing we can do is follow our heart’s intuitive sense of what is best for us. The courage to listen, understand and honor our unique innate sense of what’s best for us.

We look for approval and acceptance from others even if that means giving up our identity so to fit in with those we are led to believe are very significant and important in our lives.

But if we don’t know what’s best for us how can we possibly think someone else will, and besides who knows what their real agenda is.

We live in a time where the form of things takes precedent. Form is fleeting and has enormous limitations, but the essence of who you are is formless and timeless.

So I say it’s all about getting to know the truth of who you are and establish the one thing no one can give or take away, ” Your Essence” the only friend you will ever really need just waiting for you to arrive offering shelter and safety from the unknown.

Many ask how will I know I have arrived? the answer is when you love yourself enough so when real love comes along you recognize it as a reflection of yourself.

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