you have the power

The word Freedom has been in controversy since the beginning of the human race and has more meaning than any other word known to man. But what is true freedom and why is it something that is not shared by everyone?

Well freedom comes in many shapes and sizes creating a mindset that is very specific to a particular way of thinking. For some we take our freedom for granted, for others it seems an unattainable goal.

True freedom comes from within, it originates in the very core of our being and is something no one can give or take away!
If you give others the power over your inherent freedom then you will remain trapped in the world of form that is forever fleeting.

True freedom is the very essence that we possess in the nature of who we are. The freedom to be without criticism, or the lure of empty promises that lead us down a narrow path which is not ours but someone else’s.

The power over your own mind and heart is the ultimate freedom one that can be experienced personally as an individual and nurtured by others who are of the same belief, that is the beauty of freedom to be free to live a life that reflects the core of who we are and not the one that is easily swayed by the empty form of conflict and tyranny.

The need to control is found not just universally through war and greed but in our personal lives as well. We are afraid to say no the people around us and the word yes becomes over shadowed by the fear of the unknown. But if you follow your heart and trust that your thoughts are yours and the true freedom that comes with the courage to go with uncertainty rather than what’s easy is the ACT OF TRUE FREEDOM.

So I say to you are you a free enough spirit to look hatred and unfairness caused by power and greed in the face and say NO MORE, I would rather stand alone with only my true essence for company where who you are, how you dress, where you live make no matter when you walk in your own light that will guide you through the darkness of the unknown.

2 thoughts on “WHAT IS TRUE FREEDOM ?

  1. “The power over your own mind and heart” thank you Barra. Freedom to love whom I choose, freedom to wander and experience the world unrestricted by borders but most important to me is freedom to love. Until next time….

    • Hi there Cheri, Yes the freedom to love is a choice of the heart where fear has no power and our hearts are free. I’m so glad we connected by the tiny strings from the heart that bind us all. This is what the heartstring theory is all about “we are all connected”

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