Where does your imagination take you? Not all of us can express on paper a world in which we find ourselves in that place where all thoughts can become a reality. The question is how do we know the difference between what is real and what may just be a figment of our imagination.

We are told often that our thoughts are very powerful and we should be mindful of them because if we think it, it just may become our reality. So ask yourself whose mind are you in when you read a book, or watch a film that seems to really resonate with your psyche. It effects you in a way you imagine it to be but didn’t have the ability to put onto paper for others to enjoy as well.

But the real question is what allows for the imagination to go to places never experienced personally before, or have we?

Everyone identifies with brilliance and perhaps its because we feel it’s somehow outside of our grasp, to be able to be recognized as having made a difference. I guess one might say it depends on what kind of a difference you wish to make. It doesn’t take much to make a mark next to our name as having done something meaningful no matter how big or small.

I truly believe the act itself is what’s recognized, the ability to become aware enough to know even the smallest act of kindness has the greatest effect on how we are viewed once the voice is gone and only the spirit rises to the occasion and is recognized by the light it shines.

It’s never too late to do something so selfless in turn makes you a better person. How will you shine when the time comes, will you be recognized by your light or left to sparkle just enough to get by which is what most of human kind is doing just enough which is not enough. Ask yourself can I do more? or has fear and limitation prevented you from performing a true act of kindness that shines on forever.

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