As we find ourselves standing on the edge of reality we are not alone, Mother Earth that holds us up is also on the edge. She feels the weight of the unconscious beings that take up her space and like us hopes for the day when a shift in the human condition will happen.

But for the meantime as we are faced with life situations that are not something we have any control over what do we do to keep us from jumping off the cliff into the unknown.
The unknown for many is a frightening place but for some the ability to trust and let go of any fear is enticing and exciting.

So what causes humans to think that anything outside of the norm is taboo similar to jumping off a cliff. Leaving the world as we know it behind and embracing a whole new way of experiencing all the possibilities that are endless?

Well perhaps its because the world of form is filled with limitation and the largest impact is on our thoughts.
Our thoughts are filled with the past and the future, labeling and setting goals that either have not occurred or will not occur, but yet we place our human existence on just that. As we are deep in thought that these limitations provide, life passes us by and the events of the present go unnoticed. Life happens in the present moment, filled with new opportunities and ways of seeing and experiencing the situation that is taking place.

In accepting the current happenings we are free from the thought forms of the past and the demands made on us for the future, therefore freeing up our ability to accept what is rather than a dilution that our constant stream of thinking keeps us trapped in.

Becoming aware of what we are thinking can help us delete negative thought forms and replace them with the tolerance needed when a conflict arrises. All this is easily said but truly can take even a lifetime to accomplish. The FREEDOM from thought, the constant stream of endless thinking and its effect on us and the world as a whole can be
transforming, and the transformation that takes place is going from the world of form to the formless.

So many of us experience something that causes us to question what is life all about anyway? The demands we place on life are great and we find it hard to accept what truly is rather than what we wish it to be. Maybe instead we should embrace the present with the realization that this too shall pass and the ability to become aware of its true purpose lies in our deeper intelligence where true creativity can be found and perhaps a new way of seeing things exists just waiting for us to utilize it.

Remember there are endless possibilities and sometimes our paths lead us to the unknown but it quickly becomes recognizable and familiar allowing for an unfolding of ourselves that comes with embracing the present moment where we can be found in all our Divine Intelligence.

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