Life is like a finely woven fabric, embedded, never to be forgotten by the changing times. Before the great painters of the world this was an expression and a labor of love. An assurance to be remembered throughout the centuries.

We are all weaving our history creating as we go trusting it will be worth remembering. Are we following a particular pattern that has been laid out? or are we going with the flow that can lead us to the unimaginable.

I always say expect the unexpected embrace its purpose look closely for the sign and the symbol represented in its appearance.

We only have this time as far as we know, and to hope for another chance to defy the odds in another lifetime is not as certain as this one.

Who says that we cannot do something outside of the realm of our current situation? who knows this? what makes them so sure especially if you are not.

Trust that whatever is calling to you through the veils of reality knows who you are and is just waiting and watching for you to get it.

So take comfort in knowing you will not be alone in your decision making, and the courage and trust needed will accompany you on your journey, the path to your own discovery.

We are all tourists of life experiencing as we go, students in a sea of information realizing we only have one true guide and teacher. Some may take on the role of all knowing in their attempt to imagine their importance.

As we are learning through the events of our world, no one can be successful at playing god. The Divine has no name, no face, no agenda, but waits patiently for the awakening that will save us all.

2 thoughts on “WOVEN THROUGH TIME

  1. I could have sworn I left a comment here…Maybe not. First, I love your “Blog” page….Renaissance art and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood/Sisterhood period is one of my favorites. The last line of this post really struck me. God is waiting for our awakening,,,THE awakening, that will save us. If only more people understood this vs. thinking that our salvation will come from something/someone outside of ourselves.

    • I love hearing from you as you get what I’m so quietly and lovingly trying to convey. We all have the human right to live and let live free from criticism and judgement. The only judgement we should be concerned with is the last one we will be accountable for.
      Look forward to your blogs and those following heartstrings should take a look at your blogs as well.

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