There are many myths surrounding the Moon Goddess and the Ocean Goddess and how significant their presence is for guiding us home.

The Ocean is known as the Great Mother where all life began. The Moon when it is full guides those along the way bringing them to their destination quickly and safely.

When these two power houses meet and embrace through their reflection the encounter is felt and the understanding of what they represent is very present.

The Moon effects our emotional beings while the Ocean stirs the seeds of our consciousness allowing us to go deeper into the realm of the unknown.

Within the depths of the Ocean is contained the wisdom of all time and space, it flows on the Earth since the beginning and knows her well.

The Moon allows for the tides that contain the Oceans limits so not to over flow onto the land. The Moon regulates the Earths orbit keeping her on corse, while the Ocean nourishes her and sustains life.

Just as all the rivers, streams, and lakes find their way home to the Ocean  we too can find our way home as we maintain an awareness that we are all connected, and the consciousness in which we conduct our lives can be guided by the immortality of

the Moon phasing in and out of being present but always returning to her fullness of light .   As we approach the Ocean we can be recognized by the light we carry coming from our soul after shedding its human vessel.

How will the eternal Goddess of the Ocean creator of all life recognize you?  Are you shining bright enough to lead the way home for everyone on your path.  The journey is never taken alone but ends for some sooner than others.

Is your light shining brightly enough to assure your immortality? does the moon have your face on it reserving a spot on “THE GREAT JOURNEY”



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