Epona and her white horse carrying the soul to the afterlife.

As loved ones are left behind Epona makes sure the chosen soul is safely brought home and that nothing interferes with it’s arrival.
In The Tales of the Mabinogion Epona is the Goddess of the Otherworld a realm of supernatural beings that live between worlds. The myth goes that they exist along side the world of the living but are invisible to most humans.
The presence of these Divine Beings can appear as a face in the clouds, or an unusual animal, or even a sudden change in the weather.
The spirits travel between worlds or layers of existence using an axis such as a tree, a stone, a river, and of a series of connected mountains.
Have you ever looked up at the sky and visions in the form of earthly faces, or animals like dragons, horses, angels appear? Well perhaps you have been given a rare privilege an ability not available to all humans.
This is one of the many ways in which the essence of a loved one will never die and always be with us in a form other than the physical.
It’s important to realize always that we too are fleeting, and being left behind is a responsibility to the spirit that has moved on and waits patiently for the reuniting of kindred souls.
There is only birth and death on earth, but LIFE is eternal!
Rejoice in their memory and hold them in your heart and be comforted knowing they are watching and will be pleased with what they are seeing.
Time is for the living and it is speeding up and that’s the good news! It won’t be long so live big and bold and report back all you have experienced for that’s why we are here.
We are journalists for the Divine giving updates once we arrive.
The human experience only lasts so long what will you report back? What will you be able to share as the contribution you made in the effort to make a difference?
Our level of consciousness accompanies us as we embark on “THE GREAT JOURNEY” it determines the company we share for all eternity.
It’s never too late to become more loving and giving, To live each day as if it were our last, expressing huge dosages of gratitude and humility especially to those presently in our lives.
What would we do with just five minutes with someone no longer physically present? Use that as a motivation to be kinder and more forgiving. Here today, gone tomorrow, only in the physical world, the spirit world is eternal.

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