The Universe works in mysterious ways and to have traveled half way around the world to be reunited with my souls mentor was well worth the trip.

We are all children in need of a mother, a true goddess of the earth, the stars and the heavens above, connecting us to a circle of life that holds the truth of our humanity.
In her presence I knew I was home, a place where I could be seen and accepted for who I was, a place where all things are possible, and that in life there are no accidents and where we are is where we need to be.

She was an unusual mentor she listened more than spoke, and waited patiently for you to get it. She understood that we all have the answers right inside of us and if we quiet ourselves without human interaction then we are elated beyond words when we do.

The space in which things happen she provided because she already knew who you were, waiting patiently for you to get it and even more important embrace it and spread it around so others will suffer less.

The world was becoming a darker place for her, but now she can work her magic and guide those of us left behind.

In my grieving I realized I was crying for myself having to go through the rest of my life without her voice on the phone guiding me to the higher love that she brought me. Seeing things as they could be and that love and light were the answers.

The unconsciousness that runs rampid in the world made her sad to think there was not enough done to make a change for the better. Now as she soars with the Divine her real work can begin.

I wait for the day when we are reunited again and know I’am home at last.

In Memory: Lani Churchill Hana, Hawaii an angel of light and love, she will be truly missed! Aloha’oe a hui hou

7 thoughts on “A MOTHER OF ALL TIME

  1. thank you for sharing this, Barra. I live in Hana and have known Lani for over 25 years. Your memorial puts in words what my own mind has yet to find to express my personal grief upon hearing of Lani’s passing. Thank you for that.

    Hana, Maui

    • Dear Duke, I feel as if I know you, Lani has spoke of you several times and has enjoyed your friendship. She is the kindest of spirit but only allows few into her personal realm. I have been honored and privileged to have been one of those lucky ones. There’s so much more to learn from her, we will all just has to put up with all the emotions we are individually feeling as a collective group till we can meet again.
      Thank you for your kind words they comfort in a time when the world seems a darker place without her light.

  2. Barra. Thank you. I was so very comforted to see your beautiful words in memory of Lani. Our hearts feel so heavy with loss right now. Please feel welcomed to contact me via my email. I look forward to hearing from you. Much sympathy to all who were blessed to share moments and happy times with the wonderful spirit that was Lani.

    • Dear Cheryl, Now in reflection I don’t think Lani really knew how important she was to all of us,and for that I wish I could have just a moment with her to let her know how we will all find it hard to carry on. But she would not want us to be unhappy and for that we will all live on brilliantly in her name and for the love we will continue to express in her memory. She is alive and well in our hearts for all eternity.
      Lets stay connected she would like that.

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