At first glance this heart felt painting titled “TO THE UNKNOWN LAND” by EDMUND BLAIR LEIGHTON, seems dismal and full of despair, but if one looks deeper a feeling of safety and comfort on the journey that awaits has been clearly represented.
We are all children in life learning as we go making the best choices we can at the time, never knowing where that may lead us. The journey for some ends sooner than others, and being left behind can prove so painful and filled with sorrow that all seems pointless and empty.
I would like you to think of life lived each day as a little death, something
experienced, utilized, and absorbed to its best advantage, and then let go of.This comes in many ways an end of a relationship through separation, relocating to another place on earth leaving behind friends and places that have shaped who we are, a job that helped focus and make sense of your days, a friendship gone bad through a lack of understanding, the need to disconnect from family as a result of feeling different and mis-understood.
Everything is fleeting to be embraced for the moment, and as we are learning “life” happens in the present.
Our memories exist in the past and if brought into the present should be only in the form of the beauty that existed in it, the lesson we flash forward to our present circumstances.
As we adjust ourselves to the current situations of the world we must allow ourselves the ability to transform, leaving behind a former self, and become strong in accepting things as they are and not what we would like them to be.
Letting go and going with the flow is experiencing the end of personal suffering, once again allowing for all the possibilities in this lifetime and beyond.
The best way to remember is with love and joy and therefore the pain and suffering no longer consume the aching hearted.

2 thoughts on “INTO THE UNKNOWN

  1. Dear Jan, as I was writing this blog this morning my dearest friend passed away suddenly without warning and I’am now in a place so many find themselves, experiencing a loss that will truly be felt for the rest of my days. But I know Lani would want me to think of her as always being with me, she was my mentor, friend and sister in life. I will write everyday for that’s what she thought I should do. I’am happy thinking of her and the time we had together.
    Thank you for the comment I had no idea why I was writing it till I got the call, I will be truly changed forever as this brings me closer to understanding my work.

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