We all have images of the way in which we see the world, and when the reality of its present condition is just too much to bare, where do you go?
In a previous post I stressed the importance of day dreaming and the ability to drift for a few moments to a place where you are in bliss!
This can be a location on earth, or one that exists only in your mind made world. It could be escaping with someone you wish to be with , or a figment of your imagination. Where ever and with whom ever you escape the clutches of reality it’s yours alone.
As we go through life the thing that becomes most obvious is that we never know what another is truly thinking, and for the thinker this is most sacred.
Our thoughts are very powerful but they are undeniably ours, so where do they derive from.
Ask yourself is the world you escape to possible in your real life situation? and if not what can you do to live each moment within the guidelines of what you consider to be a happy place.
As humans we are not meant to live alone, yet most spiritual practices encourage us to be more independent, so where is the balance?
Imagine for one moment while day dreaming of what could be the shadowy figures have the faces of the ones currently in your life, allowing for all the possibilities of true bliss to be shared and expresses through your reality.
The expression “Life is What You Make It” is the understanding that the dream of what could be is because the dreamer and you are one in the same.
Just as you dream of things being perfect so do the people in your life. The possibilities of what could be are endless if we just open our hearts to love and understanding. Be the listener and as the complaining runs out of breathe then a compromise will be met. Nothing is perfect yet it’s all perfect in it’s own way. To find “The Way” is to make your dreams a reality.

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