THROUGH THE GENIUS OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION “OTHER WORLDS” ARE PRESENTED WITH ALL THEIR POSSIBILITIES,  this beautiful piece by John Duncan was his interpretation of what he imagined the Sidhe (Shee) of the otherworld to look like.

The legend goes that millenniums ago the survival of the Sidhe depended on their retreating into mother earth, known as the “people of the mounds” It is said they remain there today but are experiencing the one thing they did not know, and that was the death of their elders. They are said to live at least a thousand years or more but are dying at a much more rapid pace.

Fascinated by the myths I read a book by John Matthews The Sidhe “Wisdom of the Celtic Otherworld” It took a leap of faith for him to share his experience with us and expose what was relayed to him by the Sidhe.

The parallel world that the Sidhe dwell in has become greatly affected by the present condition of the human world. We have separated ourselves from nature and fail to see we are a part of the natural system not just an observer of it.  If we truly  looked more deeply trusting without judgement we would see things as they truly are .  The Sidhe shared with John if we looked more deeply each time we would see more. The  senses are the windows upon the spirit, when they are clear you will experience things more deeply.

We are severed from the Spirit, Heart and Mind connection, and therefore have passed that down to our children who are lost in a world of things that give temporary satisfaction rather than the peace that comes with connecting to the Spirit of who we are.

When all that we are familiar with around us changes the one thing we can be assured of is the essence of who we are something no one can take from us.  The time has come for all of human kind to recognize we are all a part of a divine whole destined to contribute in some way , to stop the madness in believing our main purpose is to unconsciously take without giving back.

The joy that comes with seeing the magic in all of nature is to look beyond the surface, and connect with the web of creation that we are all a part of.





2 thoughts on “WHERE ARE THEY GOING?

    • Hey Jan thanks for reading it was a bit courageous of me, trusting my readers will ponder into the other realms of possibilities, lots more where this came from if received well. So thank you for the encouragement! and where are you?

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