For centuries the strawberry has been represented in art all over the world. But what do we know of the strawberry? It’s wild nature allows it to be found growing in some of the oddest places.
While walking on the shore one day in the middle of winter, the wind blowing fiercely as it usually did that time of year, with thoughts of self pity and longing for answers to burning questions of the why of my life, I came across a miracle. At first I thought I was just seeing things but low and behold between the sand and a rock a strawberry managing to surface amongst the most difficult of adversities appeared.
I knew at that moment I was given a sign that if a strawberry can survive the most uncomfortable and difficult moments in life so could I. This delicate and sweetest of fruits taught me a lesson no human could have done. Without words, judgement, or controversy I was shown the power of nature to survive by persevering even under the most challenging of situations. Behind every experience comes a lesson waiting to be learned and at times by the most unusual teacher.
Later on I discovered the strawberry represented the female and began to see this amazing fruit in many pieces of art.
The Divine Feminine is everywhere secretly appearing as a disguise not to dominate the situation at hand but to quietly represent that she is everywhere and in everything and her human form is just one of many.
The ancients understood the power of the Goddess and all she represented, she has been worshipped, confided in and pleaded to for help and guidance.
There are endless figures recognized as Goddesses, are you one of them? living in modern times where she still exists but is less recognized as she waits to emerge to spread her love and wisdom to those who will soon need her.

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