As we go through our day one never knows what can happen and to expect the unexpected is a very good way to stay alert, mindful, and focused on the present. But that’s easier said then done. So as events take place and perhaps cause our lives to be disrupted with stuff that just happens what do we do, and where do we turn for advise and the ability to vent without repercussion?
We have all heard that the answers are within our own innate sense of the truth, but how can we reinforce the truth of it without the help of another?
The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to be very choice in who you open up to. Sometimes the people who love us the most, or the ones with credentials are the last opinions we should seek.
If it’s truth your after than simply quiet yourself and listen to your deepest and most private thoughts, and that is where the solution can be found.
For many of us religion in the form of praying, called meditation to others is where all the “planning in the mind” takes place, “just ask and you shall receive”. This is sacred to you and no other, only the guidance of the all knowing can help you see the situation for what it truly is.
A wise old spirit lives in all of us, and is all knowing because it has experienced and witness the continuance of human suffering that we inflict upon ourselves. So as drama surrounds you and takes over your life who are you listening to? the silence that speaks louder than words, or the ego that cannot exist without conflict.
Life is beautiful and the joy that comes from the freedom of not having to answer to, or protect yourself from those around you is transforming. Your personal journey that’s only yours, and the road to self discovery is in front of you allowing for all the possibilities of what is and can be are yours.
Who you choose to accompany you on your path makes all the difference on how and when you arrive at your destination.


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