Are you a tourist of life or a mental traveler? however you experience your journey it is yours and no one else”s. “THE GREAT JOURNEY” we all take is done alone. The comfort of familiarity is no longer available to us and the safety net has been dissolved and we travel to the realm of the unknown with only the spirit of who we are accompanying us waiting to be recognized.
But who is this spirit waiting to be joined with our ultimate destiny. If you are living with the resistance of looking beyond your perspective of what your life is, ask yourself what fear will accompany you as you travel to the other side?.
Peering over a wall is not enough to truly know the spirit that lives inside you. This does not mean you have to plunge into longings of a different life, rather to take a good look at the life you are living now and get a sense of who you are in all of it.
Change what you can and allow the rest to follow opening up new possibilities you only dream of or long for.
Understand that to brake from the norm or to dare to be different comes at a price. Criticism and judgement of those closest to you will be the cause of more confusion and delay. But the truth is that most people do not have the strength to do it alone and feel their strength lies in numbers.
All we need to follow our hearts is the true understanding we are not alone, and to trust is the ticket to our life’s journey where ever it may take us.

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