Wailing Wall  The right place at the right time

This significant piece of art after many years of being safely hidden due to the Nazi invasion has surfaced. It will be hung as a constant reminder of the pain and suffering caused by the inability of humans to live in peace.
This is the most sacred sight to the Jewish faith since the time of King Solomon, and the Kabbalah states this is where “The Divine” presence dwells and comforts those before it.

So here we are in the 21st century still in much need of the Wailing Wall and Jerusalem still in the center of conflict.
The concept of peace resides in each one of us and we as a collective have the power to consciously change the world. What’s happening in the representation of human kind is a power we give it.
I feel powerless and ashamed of the human suffering and all the children who are dying in the name of peace.

We now must act as a collective consciousness the individual way in which to say this is not right and join the force where the coming together of love and kindness will “stop the insanity” as it will be out numbered. The darkness cannot last in light and the more we
consciously behave in an enlightened way and open our eyes and hearts to the bad decision making that is changing our world it will continue and be our demise.

We have been given the innate gift of survival and we all truly believe we are doing the best we can. But what if we can do more, what if we start to exist knowing the happy life we want maybe at the expense of others.

Awareness is all it takes to shift the energy of the world, to come out of our comfort zone and realize we are all connected on this beautiful round earth and as the saying goes “what goes around comes around”.

It only takes a moment of your time to accept what is truly happening in the world and send a thought of love and kindness to all those suffering in the name of peace, and to understand through gratitude and humility how blessed we are!

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