The time has come to do more than just imagine what awaits us on the other side of reality. Our individual world filled with hopes and dreams needs only courage to enter the doorway of the possibilities that exist beyond the fear of the unknown.
As humans we have a lack of trust that when we are given certain inclinations we must accept they are coming from somewhere. So exactly where do we get these thoughts from?

Our daily routines do not allow for the time needed to explore our true purpose. The rat race in which we were born into does not support the individual spirit that embraces our
uniqueness and special gifts just waiting for us to tap into.

If we look around we only see unfamiliar faces, without expression, tired, confused, programed. They are lost in a realm that more is never enough and we live only to impress, an endless circle going nowhere but back to the start going round and round in a world of dilution and denial.

We are lead to believe our dreams, passion, excitement for what can be is unattainable, so we trap ourselves in a mental concept of what life is all about. Whose life are we living? What’s more important to continue a life in denial of what is ? or to embrace the knowing we will be protected once we accept our true path in the hear and now.
To live in a world where kindness can be found with every human encounter, and to send love to those suffering in a way we pray we never experience should be the goal.
To understand in a twist of fate that it could be us experiencing such human suffering.

We have much to be grateful for and all of us have the innate ability to contribute our special gifts we were born with unique, individual, meant to be used for good and ultimately joy and love.
There’s always hope for a better world and it starts with “A Courageous Heart” to trust that if we were not meant to experience our most precious desires they would not be apart of the spirit that lives within us.


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