Ever since human existence the uncertainty of our lives has been in question. When our day begins and the ones we love go off to experience their day their return is most often taken for granted.
Woman have waited for their men’s return from war, hunting for food, going off to sea for trade and so on. None of this has changed today we all go off to do what is necessary to sustain a life for those we love and never really consider the fact that their return may not happen.
Each day is a precious gift and placing our feet on the ground after a nights rest is one more opportunity to get it right. To go through the day with such gratitude for the mere ability to recognize that which the universe shows us in the way of what we have experienced as the hours pass waiting to get back home.
We live in troubled times and our personal lives sometimes cause us to ignore what the world as a collective is experiencing.
Whatever happens thousands of miles away seems unimportant or not relevant to us. Think again, it could have been one of us on the flight that changed the destiny of not just those caught up in the moment of tragedy, but for the rest of us as well.
The world our world as we know it is really and truly changing, so embrace those you love and even those you may not be particularly fond of because we are all the same in our quest for survival.
Everything happens for a reason and the hidden meaning is not so hidden if we just take the time to understand the true purpose of why things happen.

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