Trees in their silent presence have witnessed the coming and going of all life forms. Their strength in non resistance to change has given them a stature of greatness providing shelter and a safe haven for all forms of life.
It was not easy for the tree to achieve such understanding of how to combat and form resilience to evolution. It’s survival was the motivator and therefore allowed the ability to transform itself going with the innate sense to develop what was needed to achieve strength and stability in an environment of constant change and over growth. The height to reach the place where all the answers lie was its mission. Opening up widely surrendering to the power of the universe without any communication but the responding and knowing that the information being made available was needed in order to survive.

The trees are worshipped in some cultures and destroyed in others, but has managed to survive whatever comes its way. It’s intelligence is the cooperation from its roots reaching the branches by way of a sturdy trunk expanding to it’s leaves providing a connection to the universe so innate that the time needed to achieve this wonder took millions of years. The stored information is a representation that all life form has an intelligence and a purpose that took much time and effort to achieve.

So the next time you think of cutting down a tree, hug it first ask its forgiveness in the disregard for the time it took to develop such greatness, and maybe if you are lucky it will share the secret to life that it holds in its magnificence that it achieved through an innate sense that we have no power except that of our personal development through the understanding that we are all part of nature not its creator.

One thought on “THE PATH OF THE OLD WAYS

  1. I watch every night the sway of the trees,They make me happy knowing that they are alive and living with me at the momement.They have no agenda but to be. I love that.

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