It’s hard to imagine that not too long ago everywhere we placed our feet we touched the Earth and were directly connected to her energy, and sensed that as long as we respected her she would take care of us.

It’s difficult for most living in a world made of concrete pastures to find a spot in which to reconnect to our Earth Mother who gives life to everything that lives on her. The land and sea are nourished by her ability to give what is needed in order to continue and regenerate.
Imagine how she has had to cope with so many humans failing to understand that without her we do not exist. The inability to recognize the abuse of the place we call home will ultimately be our demise. Yet we continue to ignore the beauty and wonder that is all around us, in the air we breathe, the plants that provide food, the human life that we share through family and friendship, is all on the verge of changing.

As humans we tend to take for granted not just the Earth we live on but the people we share it with directly or indirectly.

We all have the same needs, wants, and desires. The definition varies according to the location in which you are an energetic part of. Our roots run as deep as that of a tree and the land holds such memory of the ancient ways of our ancestors. They understood that without Gaia we will not survive. They worshipped and humbled themselves and knew she held their wants, needs, and desires in the palm of her hands.
We as a collective are under the influence to think for one moment her fate our fate is not something we personally can change.
Plant a tree, grow a mini garden if for no other reason but to reconnect with what is truly important.
Just as in personal relationships its abusive to constantly take without giving back, so to its not in our best interest to continue to take from the Earth without giving back with the respect and humility she truly deserves.

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