As life takes us to many corners of its realm using experiences to guide us along to the way home, where many are waiting patiently for our return.
It’s like the feeling you get when something goes according to plan, that wow factor when energy forces are working in your favor allowing for a strong push in the right direction.
The sigh of relief that you finally got the lesson and can move on bringing you closer to graduation day where a great celebration will take place in your honor.

Each of us are a reason for celebration and what you bring to the party is very necessary in order for it to be a success. It’s a festival where you don’t have to worry what to wear, who will be there, or what to bring, only your essence is required.

The return to where we came is the celebration of you, without all the frill and baggage of what our life’e experiences may have caused by taking the long way home.
It’s the arrival of you that makes everyone else’s connection more secure to the invisible strings that bind us all.

Our goal in this lifetime is to embrace in the knowledge we are all one and for every action there is a reaction that affects us all. So the next time you act in a way that in your view might not have an impact on others think again, that will enable you to start to change the world one thought form at a time.

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