The name Nefertiti is associated with ageless beauty and has with stood the test of time as her image captures the imagination of many. Her story continues to fascinate us with the possibility that she was a Westerner of royal blood. One of her six daughters named Meritaten can be found in Irish folk lore as Scota. It is said that she gave her name to Scotland and is buried in Ireland in the County Kerry.

Exactly what does all this mean, and how is it relevant today? When I first began to research alternate history many things that I thought were factual proved to be questionable taking my concept of what went on before our time in the name of history and throwing it out the window.

That’s when I began to understand that the only real history is that of our own which we are making everyday of our lives. The particulars may not be as fascinating or mysterious as that of many other noted historical figures but it’s ours for the making.

The real truth of things may never be revealed but our truth lies in the wisdom of knowing that where we have been leads us to where we are going. While in the present moments our thoughts create our reality that will have a mark on our personal journey that is our history in progress.

So here’s where our gift of imagination comes in, close your eyes take a visual journey to where you would like your life to be played out, allow your senses to experience the sights, smells, and sounds of the place in time you are creating, allow your spirit the freedom from everyday reality that prevents us from remembering who we really are.
Just as Nefertiti knew her real truth, we know ours and perhaps that’s the way it’s suppose to be.

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