out of the forest at last

Our life”s journey can be compared to that of getting lost in the forest, with so many paths to take and no road signs or GPS to guide us to the easiest and most direct way of getting where we need to be. Our journey is one that only we are meant to experience. Asking or accepting someone else’s advise only prolongs the amount of time you will spent going around in circles ending up at the same place.
Our life’s path is filled with experiences that holds the map that can direct us to our ultimate destination.
All that you encounter along the way is tailor made for your individual growth and development. The need to ask or rely on someone else’s opinion is not needed, you simply have to quiet yourself long enough to hear the answers that are inside you.
The journey needs no company other than the realization that our state of consciousness steers the boat that floats on our understanding that home is a place within us and when we are ready can take us anywhere and know we bring home with us.
Just as the story of Arthur, being brought out of the forest to the shores of Avalon symbolically represented returning home floating in a boat on the sea of consciousness.
Home is the universal state of consciousness that we all contribute to as we experience this lifetime.
Remember you can”t see the forest from the trees, so much waits for you to really experience life your life.
So ask yourself “Whose life is it anyway? theirs or yours?” Only you know THE WAY HOME!

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