Don't be afraid to look inside

Human Curiosity is to Understand the WHY of Things

Pandora’s myth is very ancient and has withstood the test of time because it is still very relevant today. The name Pandora means (ALL GIVING) and she was as the myth goes the first woman on earth. She was given such gifts as beauty, charm, curiosity, and persuasion, all of which could be used for good or evil.
Just like the story of Adam and Eve it wasn’t till the apple became a forbidden fruit did their curiosity cause them to do what they knew would have consequences.

So too in our modern day lives we feel compelled to experience something even if we question the reasoning to do so.
If the motives and intentions of our actions are not in alignment with each other the box is better left unopened.

Things are usually not as they seem, and the term beware of “Greeks baring gifts”, is a metaphor that allows us to understand the true nature in which the gift has been given.

The motive, perhaps to impress you, and the intention perhaps to deceive you, causing the energy from the box to ultimately confuse the real reasoning behind the gift is what its designed to do.

Caution in the doing is always best, for every action there is a reaction, and to understand that everything we do has an effect on all those around us. This concept is true on a universal scale as well.
Is the experience for your good or evil? meaning can you directly benefit from the situation or will it cause you to take a longer path to self discovery.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what’s inside.” So don’t allow the curiosity or the need to be defiant to cause you unnecessary suffering.
Remember as the myth implies women we have the power of persuasion through their beauty and charm, so how will you use your gifts for good or evil?

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