What colors do you see as you are in the throws of intimacy? Is the experience that of complete ecstasy, allowing for a brief moment in time where you are free of all thoughts and responsibilities except the desire to return the experience to your physical partner?
The main purpose for great sex is primarily to bring you to a higher level, therefore allowing the freedom of thought to provide clarity of thinking when you land back on earth.

So the real purpose is not only in the receiving but also in the giving. Imagine both of you being high on the feeling of soaring above any earthly problems you maybe dealing with.

Intimacy comes in many forms from the physical act, to the loving act of just listening so you are both on the same page that provides a foundation in which the freedom to express yourself physically does not come with an after sex disappointment whether physical, mental, or emotional.

Making love is far more than just a physical act its an expression of light, coming from the heart and recognizing the heart quality of another knowing that whatever form you choose in expressing your feelings they will be regarded as sacred.

A persons light emits certain color, it creates an identity to something that through its level of brightness possess its true shade of meaning.

So what color is your intimacy? What shades does it emit that cannot be denied? What is the quality of the picture your colors are providing?
In essence how does your personal relationship allow you to see the world? In bright living color or in black and white?

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