Do you feel life is an up hill battle? that one obstacle after another prevents you from
reaching the top of your world, and once you feel as if you have arrived at the top what then?
Everyone experiences heartache and frustration when things don’t work out the way we planned, or expected it to, or has it? There are no accidents and everything happens as it should. So ask yourself where’s the hidden message and what is it trying to show me.

Our lives are filled with events that may not show the real purpose unless we accept that we maybe confused and need to be shown THE WAY. All we have to do is ask and the experience can bring us a notch higher on the climb up to “The Soul’s Mountain”.

Our life’s journey is all about the lesson’s each event challenged us with. Whether or not we got it the first go round or needed another opportunity to understand it’s real purpose maybe why we find ourselves in a holding pattern. This keeps us in a state of frustration creating anxiety, causing shutdown, do to a non acceptance of what is.

So embrace your life’s challenges, and find someone who can help you along the way, especially when the hill seems too steep to go it alone. The reality that we are not alone is evident in the results, all you have to do is ask and you will receive.

Be mindful that nothing is easy and its our thoughts about the situation at hand that
dictates its outcome. The acceptance of the life situation is much more powerful then the denial of its existence. We have the power to change our worlds, and once we understand this concept we can begin to change THE WORLD.

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