what do you see when you look in the mirror?

We often talk of mirror images of ourselves but what does that really mean. Not all of us are graced with undeniable beauty and looking in the mirror for many proves painful because we only see the reflection and for most we are not satisfied.

Beauty is only skin deep, the true beauty of who we are lies beneath the packaging just waiting to be opened. Just as in opening a present until the wrapping which contains the gift is revealed we don’t know what we are getting. The results are either that of pleasure or disappointment.

It is only human to be attracted to beauty, but we must always remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and everyone sees things differently. No two people see color in the same hue, and that goes for people as well.

So the next time you look in the mirror see beyond the flaws and find your beauty that you must see first and then others will know the true depth of who you are.
As we age the reflection seems to be lying because we feel younger in spirit, we are experiencing the shedding of baggage and the joy of the lightness of the spirit of who we truly are.

If you are aging and you allow the wrinkles to take over and cause you despair, then its time to take a longer look in the mirror and find that beauty which is there for you to see and others will see it as well.

We are so lucky to be alive, breathing, and embracing all the beauty around us, and there’s enough of it to go around. If you feel unattractive, unloved, undesirable, take a walk in nature for there you are recognized for who you really are and it requires no makeup.

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