who are you listening to

In the world we are living in today everyone has an opinion and claims to have the answers needed for your life to be better. We become even more confused by outside influences that affect our otherwise clear thinking. It’s hard to imagine that all the knowledge needed to solve even our seemingly complex situations are right inside of us.

How can this be you ask? I don’t have a degree or the credentials that qualify for sound judgement. This is what we are all lead to believe, that we must go to the experts for advise and clarity.
Unless someone has experienced what you are going through the true ability to help in your state of confusion will take that much longer to understand what is going on.

We are always on the move and taking time out for MEDITATION (to plan in the mind) and for the humbleness of PRAYER are the tools to finding your truth and the ability to listen to others without being influenced.

Take a walk in nature, sense the innate ability to do what’s natural, be still and listen to the silence, come in touch with your true essence that so much chattered clutters our otherwise clear thoughts. Stop thinking and listen to your heart it knows you better than anyone else.

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