542551__ophelia_ Dreams do come true


Who says dreaming is only for the young,  that our reality wakes us from a dream that can never be except in our most private thoughts.

Many ancient cultures believe our dream time is our reality and is often experienced in our awake time in the form of day dreaming. This is what allows the spirit of who we are to accept our current life situations and to survive the most unpleasant experiences as we go through our day.

Remember no one knows what we are really thinking unless we feel the need to share it.  But these most personal images  are to show us the possibility and the power of our imagination.

As we stray further away from our youthful dreams we are lead to believe we are too old to imagine how things could be if we dare to dream.

Dreaming is a thought form and is very powerful!  So be careful of what you dream for it can come true.

Just as falling in love is not only for the young, so too dreaming of the world, your world and how it can be is for all human kind for it knows no limitations but the ones you give it.




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