Shakespear's All'S Well That Ends Well


As we all know life is a stage where we play our part as the character of who we are portraying unfolds.  For many the events of our lives are written as a script and we follow it daring not to improvise. Its easier to know where we are going rather than allow for other possibilities to enter the scene, and perhaps cause the character to go off the page of certainty into a blank space where anything is possible.

We are all unique and special with the innate ability to create and live a life that allows for our TRUE character to unfold. To embrace the true essence of who we are is to first become aware of the voice inside waiting to be heard.

This is not an easy process and for many nearly impossible!  It’s time to stop blaming the people in our lives for the situations we find ourselves in, and take responsibility for our life’s situation and start to do something about it!

One of the key factors that help us recognize where we maybe miss- interpreting what is being said is by our ability to really listen.  This means to “really listen”  not just hearing what you think is being said but what the expression of the words and the vibration they contain is saying.

We all assume the worst at times and that thought process has power, so be open to what is being said, recognize truth when you hear it and ask for a further explanation of what’s being expressed through language so you are sure to be on the same page.

Sometimes we say things we really don’t mean,  as the words leaves our mouths entering other ears the true meaning or feelings get mis-understood and complicates the true expression of our real thoughts.

This sounds just too complex but its very simple, be mindful of the words you use and the way you use them. But most importantly listen without judgement and try your best not to take anything too seriously, as the results unfold it is as it should be.

Sometimes we cannot prevent the inevitable, but we can control our thoughts about it.







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