You are The Center of Your Universe



What does it mean to become Empowered and where do we begin:

The one key starting point which has proven to be the most fundamental is often overlook and in fact the very foundation upon which the empowerment journey takes its foothold, and that is with our “personal environments”.

As women our lives are more complex and time is very precious since so much of it is spent tending to the various facets of our daily routines and responsibilities.

The pressures of dependency even on the smallest scale can cause us an unfair amount of stress and anxiety interfering with any amount of enjoyment we otherwise might find in the doing.

As we become older and tasks become more difficult,  resentment even on a subconscious level can cause us to age more rapidly and the body responds with new areas of pain and discomfort.

All the things we like to do, such as people to meet, places to visit, hang out and read,  or just enjoy a good movie seem in the future,  as week after week we are no closer to that reality than the disappearance of our own.

So exactly how do we become EMPOWERED without it having an adverse affect on those in our lives?

In the current times woman continue the tradition of feeling as if we have to prove something not only to ourselves but the rest of the world, especially the one we live in through our family, mates and friends.  Then there is the need to make money and feel as if we are pulling our weight even though as a miracle performer that should be enough.  The act of giving birth does not get the rap it should.  We give the gift of life and for that alone we should be valued above all else.

Remember ladies of this world we give birth to men so that alone creates an atmosphere of intimidation, and weather or not they choose to recognize it, or hide behind false idolizing or respect do to it we will never really know!  We must create an atmosphere for ourselves that allows for accepting of things because sometimes we have to acknowledge it’s bigger than we are so the quiet approach can be far more effective.

I hope to show you how this can be done, and to once and for all ,woman to remember who we are,  not only in the far distant past but in the now.  We are all Goddesses of one form or another, good or bad, stronger or weak, courageous or quiet, happy or angry, loving or hateful, kind or cruel.

Through this environmental approach of taking back your power, many aspects will be introduced and not all maybe applicable to you and your situation.  But please remember anything can be altered through the simple AWARENESS that you give it.  Accepting what is and not trying to imagine it different.  We all have choices to make and through this information perhaps the choices you choose will work best for all those in your life and even for those you have not encountered yet but are destined to and are just waiting for a clear path to find you.

Many of you may think I’am implying a romantic possibility, however before we move on to another not so good union we must become in love with ourselves for if we embrace and respect ourselves everything else will follow. Always bare in mind this lifetime is so short and for most of us much must be done to complete the lessons and move on.

Don’t you find conflict boring and exhausting?  Energy that can be put to much better use somewhere else.  But for most of us myself included we do not know where to best put it because the day to day mundane acts are necessary, due to the responsibility we have as mothers, providers and example setters.  But what example are we giving our loved ones if we continue to ignore who we really are.

Well I’ll tell you the example is the same one our parents gave us,  just do what your told or have to and never question what is.

No one told us than as women once we have children our lives are not ours any longer and we never thought to ask why not.

To become empowered as a woman does not mean you have to be a bitch, it simply means recognizing your own needs as being as important as those in your life. Not allowing someone to make you feel any less important than you are.  Abuse comes in many forms and disguises itself till sometimes for some it’s too late to break the mold which you are trapped in.

What makes us accept such circumstances that constantly violate our boundaries, that penetrate even the toughest of fortresses we build around ourselves, where are our knights in shining armor?  Why are they not still protecting  us as they did millennium ago.  This is where we need to take some responsibility for what the current times are requiring.  We have forgotten we are GODDESSES, not damsels in distress but true Goddesses, in the flesh needing no one to take care of us but to forge together on equal footing as male and female honoring and defending each other bringing out our strength not our weaknesses, teaming together to conquer adversities and injustices, being grateful for the union and helping others less fortunate in the choosing.

We cannot change the world we live in but we can adjust our environments to support who we are and invisibly protect us from those who do not serve us.

The most powerful way to embrace the Goddess available to us is through our environments.  The place on Earth we choose to dwell, the association we have with the

land and history we dwell on top of.  The energies of the earth are very much alive and breathing and have an opinion of us through a vibrational field invisible to the eye but very much in operation.

Our environments are our fortresses that protect us from the inside out assuring that no matter what is occurring outside of your control the inside can and will be safe.

The silent weapon and invisible force that we have the power to regulate, protecting those we love from outside forces that lurk beyond our protective walls.

Now we must remember the need to be assured that the negative forces are outside only and if negativity exists its imperative to work your magic to eradicate it without the person knowing.

This brings me to a very important realization that the understanding of how the energy contained in objects ( of our desire,  human or things) can be containing stagnant energy waiting to be releases, and that has many stipulations to it, such as where it was obtained, who gave it to you, your state of being at the time, the feeling you have when looking at it.

I will probe this aspect of cleaning out later on in much more detail.

The life force that exists in and around your environment is very powerful in so far as to say it has an intelligence of its own, clinging on to things and people literally for its dear life, so imagine the places it may fester or get stuck.

Positive energy needs constant circulation while negative energy clings to anything not moving such as clutter or better still a person who is unhappy in their thoughts and in their hearts.

This is why clear and thorough examination of ones lifestyle and the people in it needs to be closely looked at for nothing can sustain change if the work is not being done to maintain it.

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