Walk away from conflict


The idea to not engage in conflict is a hard learned lesson. The need to be right and win an argument has been apart of our human psyche since the beginning. A natural given right to inflict our opinion, religious beliefs, and our way of thinking and behaving on others.

Where did this concept take hold? Well there are many view points on this and the philosophers,historians, scholars, religious sects, fanatical groups and the like have debated this subject for millennium, and to what outcome?

The spill over into our daily lives has caused much unnecessary unhappiness and suffering for the need to be right!
The concept that most situations get resolved on their own holds the truth of the subject and spares those involved shame and embarrassment when the facts of the matter may prove them wrong.

Most people and I’m sure we are all familiar with a few have the need to be right and even when being shown the truth of things ignore it and will not yield to the opposing side.
So, how do you deal with this? A radical approach would be to not feed the energy as that’s what it wants the realm of conflict where is lives and breathes. Your need to be right must be recognized within yourself the only place where anything truly matters, for the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!

Be kind to those who need to be difficult and understand the extent of their unhappiness do to a fear base coming from their heart and do yourself a favor and leave that vibrational field for it is infectious and can only feed on your unhappiness.

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