Who is He Dreaming Of?

Is the beautiful woman in this picture you, or someone he wishes you were? Ask yourself and no one else “Am’I doing enough to be that woman he dreams of”

Let’s be honest, we all know after being with someone for a period of time the novelty of being in love can and usually does wear off.
So then how do certain relationships withstand the test of time. The legends of Arthur and Guinevere, Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Cleopatra and Marc Antony and countless others from all over the world, well mainly because they are stories interpreted by the those looking outside their own relationships that could be just as romantically beautiful.

They lived in a time when tragedy and romance were linked together, as Gerard Butler puts it anything that’s tragic or utterly romantic is “Scotland”. Meaning lovers were always separated by the uncertainty of war and the man usually more than not fighting in some battle. The sweet partings were always so intense because they never knew if they would meet again. Now thats living in the moment!

We live in a time where everything is taken for granted and the present moment is filled with thinking of future events and happenings. A world where if you do not look a certain way your not noticed. And keeping up with what’s current weather on the T.V. or surfing the web, our time is spent on things that don’t really matter and the time can never be captured again. Anything we give our full attention to will be successful, so try this, be that beautiful woman he saw you as when he first laid eyes on you.

How’s this done? well by just paying attention to him, remember men don’t care about fashion or current hair styles they respond to kind gestures and intimacy a place where words are better left unsaid. Let the energy do the talking for you and you will be amazed how he will be sure to carry that in his day dreams and look forward to coming home.

Experience the pleasure giving of yourself can bring you, allowing for all the possibilities that exist in your present relationship and what that means is you are at least trying to do something instead of just complaining about it which leads to mistrust and unnecessary heart ache.

When you come from the heart and it still is not working for him, then you may have to explore the possibilities of who and what he is dreaming of.

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