hunt_of_the_unicorn_the_unicorn_at_the_fountain_anonymous_artist_ca.15001327535158930The Unicorn is also a symbol representing the Goddess. The visual is a representation of how through the ages the Goddess has been subject to continuous efforts to cage and suppress her and all of her divine gifts and knowledge.

We are entering a very powerful time were the Goddess can be suppressed no more! There’s only one problem though how do we come back in touch with her and reunite her not only to ourselves but all of society.

For all the women out there, there is a Goddess waiting to be expressed and released.The Goddess is everyones Mother, Sister, Daughter, she is the Divine Feminine . That sounds very serious and important and that it is. We must take back our ability to remember all the last two thousand years tried to make us forget. To reunite with our innate abilities to behave in a way that will cause us to rejoice in her return.

For too long the term feminine and feminist have confused the minds of the western world. To be feminine is to own our ability to act and behave like a true goddess, one who walks in silence and shows by doing. A feminist is more bold and outspoken causing men to respect her out of fear.

We instinctually have the ability to access our imprinted code through our genetics that allow for us to have access to those survival skills inherent to us as women. The innate wisdom of the Divine Feminine that exists in all woman. The will to tap into its unlimited source of wisdom is ours for the taking, it is our Divine right we are the other half of the God and together we make an equal whole.

Just as Mother Earth gives birth to life so too the Goddess gives life and by that act alone should be respected and honored above all else.

So why are there so many women in the world suffering at the hands of others? We must do our part and behave as life giving Goddesses extending our strength and wisdom out to others, offering hope for a better world where woman through our innate wisdom can embrace the Goddess once more not only in prayer but in action.

Learn more about the Goddess and find a particular Goddess you can relate to. It’s a journey to another world where she is waiting for you to discover and reunite with her and rejoice together in the new world of consciousness.
Let’s remind men why they worshipped us in the first place, and could not live without us.

ENJOY the experience of reconnecting with the world of the Goddess where woman can express who they truly are and your sisters await your return.


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