Illness and the Environment

wijnants-landscape-two-dead-trees-NG972-fm How does your home make you feel?

We have often heard that the visible and invisible toxins and pollutants that have become part of our daily tolerance have a severe effect on our health and well being.
We don’t like this but accept there is little we can do about it, but most of us modify what we can to make a difference or do we?
Its very difficult to adjust the negative air quality outside but there is much we can do to regulate it on the inside.
Many of us do not have the option to install expensive equipment that can help regulate the air quality and detect any over abundance of static frequencies, but there is something very significant we can all do without costing anything except the mental and physical ability to do it.

The “Energy Field” in the home can be regulated through very basic awarenesses, the main one being the logistics of the space, conforming it to allow for the flow of energy within the four walls to move in an even pace. Remember this is not seen but felt. The largest contributor to illness is stagnation the lack of energy in the space you occupy and will have enormous effect on the internal space within your body.

The realization that you can do something about this has been overlooked and denied by modern man for many centuries, but never before in the history of humans is it so necessary to do something about it starting now.

There is much emphasis being placed on the urgent importance to prepare ourselves for the up coming changes we will experience in the near future. This involves so much more than just a backpack filled with supplies that are for a limited amount of time.

So what can we do and how can that possibly impact the ability to survive in the most difficult of times.

Ask yourself Is the environment I’am living in engulfed in a state of unease?
Do I FEEL as if at any moment my world as I live it will end and what will become of me?

We all look for guidance through hour ancient and modern day spiritual teachers and while in their presence everything seems possible, but once the lecture or conference is over we are left to go back and try it alone. For some this can be accomplished and for others it turns back to a sea of hopelessness with no where to steer your boat.

We have arrived in a place that took over 100 years in the making, a vast vision of endless form, and with it comes an enormous amount of energy taking up space and creating vibrational fields pulsing and transmitting a frequency that is interfering with our own.

So you say how can this possibly affect you? We give all our electrical devices what they need when their ability to function stops by way of charging them up creating a holding pattern a sort of time out.
When was the last time you had a time out. For most of us a time out is just that, lunch with friends, yoga class, a gallery showing, a plane trip somewhere, camping, hiking, but where is the quality alone time?

For many of us it’s too stressful to stay at home, that could be due to chores that need doing, no privacy, unhappy with the current living situation, what ever the reasons we come up with we just cannot bare to either be alone, or just simply ground ourselves enough to be able to.
This maybe and most likely is no fault of your own, but the unawareness of the underlining force that prevents you from doing so.

We all want empowerment but where does that empowerment come from? Do we get a degree or certificate that says we are now empowered having completed a course of study? or do we get empowerment through the accomplishments of our mates? the success of our children? the recognition of our friends and colleagues?
How do I identify with power and what does that mean for me and my current situation?
Why is she or he so powerful and I feel subjective or weak.

Believe it or not its very simple “It begins with the place you call home” this will ultimately lead you to the WAY HOME. A place where all things are possible.

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