the virgin bride

As I woke this morning I thought who is your God? what does he or she look like,  where does he or she live, and I began to think of this as if I were naive to any religious content or belief system,  and I thought of the sea, the birds, the flowers, and the mighty trees, and I knew that a sense of God is truly unique to all of us.  Our relationship with him or her is as personal as our deepest thoughts!

Then I took my thoughts to another idea and I had to force myself not to think on but feel.   If I allowed logic of the mind to interfere it would access my history files of who is God and who am’I?   Programing so massive and clouded by other peoples concept of the how and why of our existence I knew a major deleting and accessing to that old programing needed to be deleted from my brains information and for the first time I understood the meaning of the difference between the mind and the brain.  The emptying of all past programming is the accessing of the mind itself,  free from information overload that prevents us from receiving all knowing.

In the past I have emphasized the importance of the Heart/ Brain connection but have come to realize it”s the Mind/Heart connection that allows for our true beliefs to guide us through this lifetime.  The Brain only knows the information we give it, it has no capacity  to feel love or fear it only knows the result of our input.

So I ask you who is your God?  Is it the truth of things or what you feed your brain to conceptualize and be used as an excuse for the unconsciousness in which you continue to believe is the way it is suppose to be.

The mystery of us is enough to keep us humble yet so many suffer at the hands of those who behave in the name of God.

Ask yourself is God at home this Sunday as you pray or is God right inside of you in your very own temple and would he or she be proud of your behavior in his or her name.

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