Innate Wisdom

In a world with billions of people how can so many fell lonely, depressed and hopeless, we are all trying to find our way in this time of undeniable change in our environment, ecological systems, and social communities. These are questionable times and it has a profound effect on our environment, and social way of life. We will have to change the way we do things because the norm we are all waiting for will not return, and those of us who believe we are immune to the inevitable will not survive the coming changes unless the idea that has been so rejected by many social classes for thousands of years is embraced by all of us “ We Are All Connected” like it or not. We will all be affected if the wind and rain no longer continued, the rapid disappearance of species including humans, and if the loss of matter in the FORM of materialism was no longer as accessible as it appears to be currently .  How will we survive? how will YOU survive.

What makes us better than the next person, what makes us less significant? who knows this, who dictates the voice in the head to allow for bad behavior through the feeling of better than ,or of superiority just because. We are leaving the “information age” to enter the “age of wisdom” taught by all the ancient cultures, and time is closing in on learning all we can so that we can awaken our innate ability to change what’s coming. The New Science is beginning to accept this and join forces with things that cannot be fully explained through knowledge or information in a text book, but can be experienced through the acceptance of ancient wisdom the true source of knowledge “The Heart Intelligence” Our intuitive  understanding of what is and can no longer be denied.

For many of us we have spent a lifetime ignoring our true inner feelings thinking with the mind instead of the core of who we really are. The new revelations  about the heart having a brain is nothing new to all the indigenous tribes around the world. We choose to ignore our roots possibly because they make us feel too simple, or ignorant to what the modern world has taught us. The elderly are our only link to survival, yet we lock them way in nursing homes and refuse them the right to live as a family member because they are loosing some of their human abilities. But the wisdom they hold deeply in bedded in their ancestral memory banks are very necessary for our future  survival. I’m sure we can all recall when we would sit with our grandparents or any elder for that matter and they would “talk story” giving our imaginations a ride to a place and time where things were done differently, and wondered what it was like back then?  Well we are going to need to use that same imagination for the future if we are going to survive.

The need to complicate things is in every part of our existence, complicated relationships demanding for respect and importance, the change in the work environment using “ A Cultural Thing” to dismiss a good worker.  The  vast array of choices complicating the simplicity of food, confusing its original purpose to nourish and strengthen our bodies.  Families caring more about their friends and what they are thinking and doing as opposed to whats happening under their own roof. So where do we start to address something that appears just too big for an individual to have an impact. Well we can begin by “Having A Change Of Heart” by understanding the  heart does more than just pump blood and cause heart attacks when it stops working.

The “Heart Brain Connection “ when functioning properly will extent beyond our bodies creating what I call the “Heart String Theory” Brian Greene’s explanation of String Theory has given us the possibility that everything in the universe is connected, and I’m convinced that our hearts coherence allows for every living thing on this planet through our Electro Magnetic Frequency Field to be connected. There’s just on catch to this process we have to get out of our heads the “thinking mind” and into our hearts our “intuitive sense” and understand that thoughts are generated by feelings we are having either good or bad in other words creating an opinion through a series of what if scenarios, that originated by someones interpretation of the facts, rather than our own intuitive sense. Then confusion and fear come into the picture through self doubt questioning how do I know this.

I remember years ago a Buddhist Lama Tenzin sharing with me that all the knowledge we need is inside of us we just need to learn to access it and recognize it as truth.  For many years I wandered in doubt and confusion asking what did he mean by this, and after many wrong turns through poor decision making due to ignoring my “gut” feeling, I got it.  I was thinking with the noise in my head instead of the signals in the heart that can be heard by quieting oneself. We cannot do anything to correct our mistakes in the past, but we can stop punishing ourselves for not realizing just how significant listening to our heart can be. And just a word about mis-takes there are none, it just takes some of us to repeat them as many times as necessary to move on taking only the positive that was hidden behind it.

We are all different and unique yet the same on many levels connected by tiny string particles floating through life together acting as one voice,  is it saying what you believe is truth or are you just along for the free ride?  remember the one thing this world has taught us is that THERE ARE NO FREE RIDES the price is paid one way or another, why not start changing things one heart beat at a time, for time is running out.

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